Gladius Spiritus What?

The gladius was an ancient Roman two-edged sword. It was a crucial element for a fully-equipped Roman soldier; without it, he was useless in battle. Likewise, without the sword of the spirit (gladius spiritus in Latin), you will be useless in the most epic battle there is–LIFE. You need to sharpen your sword to survive. We’re here to help.

“Gladius Spiritus” can help you hone your spiritual edge. We’re here to give teens and young adults in God’s church clear-cut, straightforward answers to real life and doctrinal issues. No beating around the bush. Use this “spiritual armory” to get a better grip on what you’ve heard your entire life.

This site is a work in progress, so stay tuned for updates. Because we so desperately want to give quality information and advice,  we really need your contribution! Every comment, criticism, and insult made on this blog will be thoughtfully reviewed and taken into consideration–and if they’re insightful enough, may even be incorporated into the article itself. Our goal is to provide a complete and supremely bold resource for teens (and young adults) in the church.

Gladius Spiritus is contributed to by a group of young adult collaborators in God’s church.


10 Responses to Gladius Spiritus What?

  1. tyler says:

    to the editor(s),
    i have read a few articles of yours and have been largely impressed by them but i have a few questions about this page and though my style is to be direct i mean no offense.
    how do you decide who will be a contributer for this site? what sort of doctrinal review do you have for published articles? how do you deal with the potential for controversial topics that are beyond the scope of your combined expertise and potentially divisive? i have also not seen authors names along with the articles, why is that?
    i worry because i have been part of forums before that did not exercise enough control and simply became a sounding board for arguable notions or a catalyst for schism. perhaps i am too cautious but i hope that you might clear some of these things up.

    • Thanks for the response, Tyler! We appreciate your directness and we’ll answer your questions one by one.

      1. Our collaborators are young adults in God’s church who are willing to discuss and review the articles. We’re ultimately here to give people (and, usually, ourselves) the kick in the pants they need to discern the deeper matters of God and the Bible for themselves.

      2. Our “doctrinal review” process is simple: we look to the Bible. There is no greater authority than the Bible itself. The writers of these articles are not publishing in the sense of an “official” organization, but as people who are members of the churches of God. No organization owns the content of the articles that are written, and we don’t believe one person’s view should necessarily to be subscribed to. Our “reviewers” are all interpreters and students of the Bible.

      3. It is our intention to boldly deal with controversial topics. One of the main reasons this website came into existance was to discuss topics that need to be addressed but many organizations are skittish to talk about. All of these need to be dealt with with wisdom. We extensively research all of our articles, looking to outside sources, and praying for discernment always. For topics that “exceed our knowledge base”, we seek wise counsel both inside the church and, with care, out. Ultimately, we are looking for what we think God has to says about these topics.

      4. The people who contribute to this website are young adults in the church of God who want to do things His way. There is no formal church organization running the scenes behind this site. Gladius Spiritus is only as good as the value of its ideas. We aren’t claiming to be the word of God, merely to use the word of God to develop a view of what God intends for man to know and do. We don’t have credentials after our names and firmly believe the articles should stand on their own merit. At this point, we want Gladius Spiritus to stand on its own as an idea, a concept, something much bigger than any one person. You lose some of that when you pin a few faces to it. We’re thinking Batman.

      To conclude our long-winded response, people can reject or argue anything on this site. If they find it useful, that’s wonderful. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. If they disagree, they can comment about it, beginning a conversation that will sharpen the swords of everyone involved. The point is not to try to convince teens to buy into a particular church group. We’re writing to teens who are already part of God’s church and want to delve into the deeper topics of life and get actual answers. We’re here to help our brethren defend themselves and, if God blesses our efforts, to become stronger soldiers in the war we wage daily for His sake.

      With many blessings,
      The Gladius Spiritus Staff

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am wondering what churches the contributors go to. Are there contributors from most of the COG churches, or are they all from the same few churches.

    • “Gladius Spiritus” isn’t tied to any particular organization. It’s meant to be a bold, spiritual tool for anyone in the churches of God who finds it useful. At this point, the contributors come mainly from a UCG, Living, and other smaller COGs background.

      The bottom line is that we’re all striving for the same thing: to hone our spiritual swords. God’s Word will speak for itself, no matter who is writing about it. We’re just holding up our end of the deal and trying to give our brothers and sisters in Christ yet another whetstone (look it up).

      In Truth & Love,
      The Gladius Spiritus Staff

  3. Late 30s says:

    WOW! That’s the one word I have. I am ABSOLUTELY impressed, and although not a teen anymore, am thankful for the young people behind this phenomenal (so far 🙂 website! God is good, and I thank Him for having caused me to stumble upon this gold mine!
    Keep it up!

    • Thank you so very much! We’re so glad to get the thumbs up from older…er…mature adults in the COG. 😉

      If you like what you’re reading, we’d like to ask you to fan the flames to the young adults in your congregation.

      Thanks so much for your support!

      In Love & Truth,
      The Gladius Spiritus Staff

  4. Michael Gardner says:

    I’m not going to tell you just how “old” I am, but let’s say that I am a ‘seasoned’ person. To me, it matters not as to the physical age of someone as much as one’s spiritual age.

    It is good to see younger people digging into what the Bible really teaches. Please keep up the good work.

  5. Ancient Weapons says:

    Great analogy, the sword is sharp and unthinking with a truth to its point! That’s a perfect ancient weapon to compare young christians too! Compared to other ancient weapons, like an axe or bow..

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